Data logs

When you visit my website or use services, the device you use to access the page automatically transmits log data (connection data) to my server at My provider only uses German servers to store my website and operates it in accordance with the EU-DSGVO. The following data is collected from website visitors, which is anonymised directly during collection: Referrer (previously visited website); requested website or file; browser type and version; operating system used; device type used; time of access; IP address in anonymised form. Instead of the actual IP address of the visitor, e.g. <> an IP address like <123.123.123.XXX> is stored, with XXX being a random value between 1 and 254. It is no longer possible to establish a personal reference.

For what purpose are the data collected?

The data are collected by for legitimate reasons, in order to guarantee the security and stability of the website and to provide website visitors with the highest possible level of quality. To this end, processes log data using WebAnalytics. In order to protect personal data, no cookies are used. The data are collected exclusively for statistical evaluation and for the technical optimisation of the website.

How long are the visitor data stored?

The data are stored for 8 weeks.

Are visitor data passed on to third parties?

No, your data will not be passed on to third parties.

Is there a transfer of visitor data to third countries outside the EU?

No, there is no transfer to third countries.


This website is operated with WordPress. WordPress uses cookies, for example, to define a user session. This is particularly the case when you log in as an administrator. Using the information contained in cookies, WordPress can make navigation easier for you and enable the correct display of my web pages, e.g. on devices with different display sizes. Under no circumstances will the data collected be passed on to third parties or linked to personal data without your consent. Of course, you can also view my website without the use of cookies. Please use the help functions of your internet browser to find out how to change the relevant settings.

If you have read and confirmed the privacy notice on my site, a cookie will automatically be set so that you will not be shown the notice again on your next visit. That cookie has no further functions and is automatically deleted after 30 days or when you clear your browser cache (manually if necessary).

3rd Party Cookies

My WordPress site uses the Jetpack plugin from Automattic to prevent spam (e.g. in the form of forum posts, messages or user accounts) and to generate anonymous user statistics (country code and visited page / blog entry). You can check which data is collected on their website:

You are also welcome to deactivate the cookies in your browser, as the content will still be displayed.

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